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Always been an enthusiast, RPG, but have not experimented with these multiplayer online? You lose a lot of fun! Online role-playing games, in fact, offer a very high level of play, and durability, and – even more interestingly-can often be played without spending a penny.

If you don’t believe me, look at the headlines I’m going to tell you below. It’s a lovely online multiplayer RPG based on the free-to-play mechanism that allows you to download and use them at no cost, although they have extra paid content or features that can only be unlocked with paid subscriptions.

Choose the ones you prefer the most, this is a simulation game with classic fantasy settings, as well as titles dedicated to movie and literature classes such as „Star wars” and „Lord of the rings”.

Most popular online games in the world

Ever since it moved from the free-to-play pay model in 2013, it has become one of the most popular online games in the world. It is set in a fictional universe created by two love titans emerging from their original world. It has a very good graphics and combat system in the style of action, which will allow you to fully control all the characters.

Most popular online games in the worldIt includes a number of dungeons to deal with a maximum of 5 players and a political system through which the player will elect as the head of that area and give him the ability to customize the characteristics of the area itself.

  1. An exciting MMORPG dedicated to the Lord of the rings Saga with four hands in different characters (humans, elves, dwarves and hobbits) and several classes to choose from (hunter, champion, guardian, etc.).
  2. The game features great graphics, music and atmosphere that can capture the spirit of movies and above all a great open world that allows players to experience fun adventures in middle-earth.

Another online role-playing game that has become very popular after the transition from the pay-model free-to-play. As is widely known, it is set in the Star wars universe. More precisely 3500 years before the events described in the films of George Lucas and 300 years after the game „Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: the Sith Lords”. It offers a fully customizable and flexible system of challenges between guilds to conquer other planets.

Classic multiplayer role-playing game

Classic multiplayer role-playing game based on the famous Dungeons & Dragons. In the fantasy world, the installation and combat action system that will allow you to fully control all the characters. Among its most interesting features is the editing function, which allows you to create very complex dungeons and share them with other players.

This is by far one of the most interesting online role-playing games in recent times, in the vastness of its world and the maximum freedom that players enjoy.

It also offers the possibility of free flight (without ships or other special means) and deal with air battles. Allows you to select one of three factions (elyos, Balaur and eliytsev) and 6 classes (warrior, scout, mage, priest, artist and engineer).

Classic multiplayer role-playing gameOf course, you should also try Rift MMORPG fantasy is highly regarded in the international arena, with elements of action. His story focuses on the spatial divisions that threaten the existence of the land of Telara and the entire Universe. It allows you to choose from four different character classes (warrior, mage, rogue, and cleric) and deal with numerous truly exciting dungeons.



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