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And there’s another game room on the Internet. Summer is unfortunately over : – (and in order to cope with future afternoons and future dark evenings from the sky, you need to organize yourself time. What, better than an online game room when you’re bored of Facebook and see lost in an empty monitor of our COMPUTER, can help us spend a little of our time having fun and relaxing?

For you, today, salon multiplayer There are games in uffa. Of all categories, of all kinds, and for each of us. From riddles dedicated to the world’s most famous cannibal, Dreamworks Shrek, a game dedicated to political satire, American and not.

You can find sports and adventure games, action games and famous arcade games.

Among the arcades, I tried for you a really fun game, need strategy and tactical interaction. Remember the lemmings? Wow, nostalgia lemmings! :- )

For those who don’t remember them, this is a puzzle game in which a herd of lemmings, small rodents, if we want to name it (in English, which does much more: lemmings) always goes in one direction, and we, through numerous tools, and even use their tireless desire to work and stand in our courts, often even sacrificing for a group, you have to keep at least one percent, determined by the game at each level. So you can beat it by going to the next one.

One is a headless person

The game I tried for you is much easier, even if you have difficulty, you have to manage the two main characters on stage. One is a headless person who does not know where to go and needs to overcome all the obstacles, and the other is a kind of sponge that can take different shapes, such as umbrella, spring, wall, etc.with this sponge, put in the appropriate points of the route can be able to help the headless person to get to the end of the road.

One is a headless person

We have tested this little game to tell all of you, dear readers of Fantagiochi, that it is a game room, reserve games interesting, fresh, sweet and sparkling.

More and more products are dancing between the digital world and Board games.

Often fans of video games also remember that it’s an evolving scene the industry of Board games. This is the beautiful sketches used in complex combat system on three-dimensional battlefields or artistically inspired card games that can be drawn in small boxes, the industry recently boasts a large extension, which many call a real Renaissance. Simply put, it’s the perfect time for Board games.

From table to screen and Vice versa

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of crossovers between video games and Board games. With Games Workshop to lead these transpositions-some of them more loyal than others-we now see a significant increase in numerical value, thanks to the intervention on stage of other main characters who have contributed to the entry of more and more Board games into the digital world.

  • This is a trend that, however, goes both ways, as it is lacking in digital versions of some of the most popular Board games.
  • The exchange between the two areas also contains the same ideas, first additionally on PC, consoles and mobile devices, and now available in both desktop and card games.
  • One example of this Ted, no doubt, is The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, which got a very successful campaign on Kickstarter.
  • This is a multiplayer card game based on the well-known IP cards with questions, which has an account income of more than 2.6 million dollars.

From table to screen and Vice versaKickstarter is undoubtedly a useful platform for all those video game developers who are trying to implement their products on their own, although the number of really notable hits has decreased over the past few years. However, when it comes to Board games, websites, crowdfunding is still an important tool for many designers.

Not we refer only to really independent companies that seek to host their own products, but also to large companies that use this portal to build a community from the beginning, while gaining revenue and reducing the risks associated with bringing some projects to the market.

Binding Isaac-a symbolic case, but, of course, not the only one. Crusader Kings for example, is one of Paradox’s biggest strategic successes more than the mechanics of Civilization within the Board game because even Through the Ages.



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