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Multiplayer Gaming Tips and General Information

Welcome to multiplayer guide full off tips, tricks and general information that will hopefully keep you alive long enough to take full advantage off the multiplayer experience that Battlefield 3 has to offer you while playing online with your friends or other keen BF3 grunts. You will find in this quick multiplayer guide some tips, tricks and some information that you might find helpfull or usefull while player online with your gaming buddies.
Battlefield 3 Basics:






When playing Battlefield 3 multiplayer you will notice that it is pretty simple to understand. It may seem overwhelming at first, but most players' can catch on pretty quickly. We've separated the important parts of the Multiplayer basics into smaller categories for easier reading, we hope it helps you. If, you have any questions please, feel free to ask any staff member.


[1] Making The Most Of Your Kit
[2] Game Settings
[3] Familiarization Of Maps
[4] Dying And Respawning
[5] Using Weapons
[6] Attachments/Loadouts
[7] Squad Specializations
[8] Maps


As you enter the Battlefield 3 multiplayer, you'll notice there are several kit's to choose from. If you've played a Battlefield game in the past, this won't be a big surprise to you. If you're new to the Battlefield series, we'll help you make that smooth transition.
Using Kit's:
Battlefield 3 features four kit's. Each kit serves it's own purpose when fighting on the Battlefield. These kit's are as follow's... Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon. Each kit has a certain set of weapons and gadgets that are set in each kit to reflect it's use. Set up your class using the kit and all other weapons. It's really simple. The customizable options for your kit will include a primary weapon, a handgun, two gadgets (each gadget will be in slot 1 or slot 2 only), and a 'Specialization'.




Assault Kit - Assault Rifles. It is the kit to go with when rushing in to attack the enemy. Assault players also double as Medics. Their gadgets include the Medi kit and defibrilator to heal and revive teammates. If a more offensive role suit's your style, an M26 MASS can be equipped which can be outfitted to fire grenades or other ammunition.
[Tip: If you have the Medi Kit enabled use it when you are in tight spots or throw it down to assist the recovery off fellow squad/team members' when they are injured]


Engineer Kit - Carbines for close to Medium ranges. The main role of the Engineer is to interact with vehicles. The repair tool can be used to repair friendly/unoccupied vehicles (or damage enemy ones). Various anti-vehicle weapons can be equipped (RPGs, SMAWs, Stingers, Javelins, or IGLAs). Anti-tank mines are also available, and even EOD bots can be controlled by remote to repair vehicles, arm or disarm M-COM stations, or disarm enemy mines. The EOD has also been use to 'spot' (acting as a mobile camera) enemies thought this is not it's primary function. Also, did you know you can kill an enemy with the repair tool!!


Support Kit - Light Machine Guns are mainly for suppressing the enemy. Their main gadget, the ammo resupply pack, provides the soldier or fellow teammates with extra ammo. Like the engineer kit, the support kit makes use of explosives, the 60mm mortar, C4, and Claymore mines. Throw down ammo crates at every opportunity whenever you are near any off your squad/team mates, you will recieve additional points for this (10 for team supply 20 for squad supply)


Recon Kit - Sniper Rifles are your main weapon, you are in the position to spot enemies for the team from a safe distance. Their gadgets provide extra recon intelligence to keep the team informed of the enemy's position(s) on the battlefield. Mobile spawn points can be set in strategic locations for faster reinforcement to the front lines. Motion sensors, these can be placed to keep track of vulnerable points of attack. Lastly, the SOFLAM laser designator can mark enemy targets so that teammates can finish the job of with the Javalin.
[1] Making The Most Of Your Kit:
Stick to the basic principles of each kit to become most effective. Grunts whom are using the Assault Kit should be battling it out on the front lines. If the team is taking a beating, use the Medic pacs to keep them alive. If you're sticking to vehicles, or if the enemy is using mainly vehicles, choose to be an Engineer. Repair your team's vehicles and use your gadgets to rip apart the enemy's vehicles. If using the Support Kit, remember to drop down an Ammo Box every now and then to refill your squad/team's ammunition, especially if they're constantly getting revived. If you decide to play as Recon, remember to spot all the enemies that you can (you are reward when any enemies that you spot are killed), then pick off the rest with your Sniper skills. Don't venture too far from the kit's basic use or you could get yourself into an unwanted situation.




Picking Up Kit's:
Unfortunately, Battlefield 3 does not allow you to pick up another soldiers' weapons left laying around the battlefield. Instead, you must pick up their entire kit. If you kill an enemy, or see your teammate is dead, you can walk over to their body and trade your kit for theirs. All items will switch over, if your not happy or their kit is not suited for the job in hand you can always pick up your own kit again. [Tip: Picking up another players' kit and killing enemies or securing objective's will count towards that kit's scoring at the end off the round plus, the kit that you started off with at the beginning, if you started off with the Famas and scored 500 points, then during the game picked up a SVD scoring 300 points you will earn ALL points in both kit's]
[2] Game Settings:
In the 'Options' menu you can change different game settings too suit your needs, ranging from 'Audio, to Brightness' and so on, this should be the first thing that might want to consider doing, setting up your controls prior to starting a game eiter online or single player campaign. The controller sensitivity is prob' your main setting that you will make, this will determain how quickly or slowing you will react to movement, either just looking around from a fixed or prone position, also this will have an impact on your accuracy when using weapons but it will not effect how your charatcher moves while on the battlefield
[3] Familiarization Of Maps:
Battlefield 3 maps come in two types medium and some what large, each are totally different in theme, getting to learn each map for the first time will take time but you will get there eventually, try to stick to the same map for a few games until you get the know the basic layout, this will be to your advantage for when you start to use some tatical measures during your game play with fellow squad/team members'. Learn both the quickest and longest way to a certain point in the game, this will be good to know when playing game(s) like 'Rush or Conquest' Try to remember the location off the many drivable vehicles, 'objectives', fixed gun implacements and prob' more importantly where your fellow squad/team mates are, finally soldier maps will rotate after each game this can also help you in geting to know the layouts off the battlefield.
[4] Dying And Respawning:
Yes, fellow grunt dying is part off the game unfortunity, but don't worry soldier, you can 'respawn' on one off your fellow squad members' whom are still alive, simply select the player then press "A" (for xbox users') this will return you too the game next to your fellow grunt where you can continue the battle. Consider this soldier, if this is your first time playing a FPS (first person shooter) follow the more experienced player, be a few steps behind him, watch his style off play, take some mental notes, when you ready 'go it alone' (aka lone wolf) try it for yourself. There are many game modes within Battlefield 3 where you will have to 'keeping' moving forward to the next objective while playing game's such as, 'Rush' or 'Conquest' these are 'Objective' based games where you will have no choice but to either defend/attack a MCOM station (Rush) or capture/defend a flag (Conquest)
[5] Using Weapons:
All the weapons come in different shapes and sizes, some are powerfull to have in your arsenal, some are for CQB (close quarter battles) and off course you have the snipers rifles, for taking out targets at a long distances. At the start off your multiplayer experience you have a few weapons unlocked some with a few attachments (loadouts) for each kit. Choose a weapon, get to know who it works, plus when you kill between 25 and 30 enemies you will unlock some thing for that weapon it differs from a loadout to a gadget and so on, when you have elimated 100 foes from the battlefield with the same weapon you are reward with a 'Service Star' not to mention the many different new additions that you will have unlocked for you to choose from, when you have unlocked a variety off new attachments for your weapons, experiment with then to see what works best for 'you'.




New weapons will be unlocked as you 'rank' up (level up) during game play, you will start of as a 'private' working you way up the ladder, your first few ranks will come reasonably quick as the points required are low but, as you progress threw the game the points system increases for each new rank. Attachments are a good thing, what does not work now for you is highly likely to do so later in your multiplayer experience, stick to what currently works for you, you can always return to any weapon and re-configure it's attachments (loadout) etc at a later time during your gameplay. Picking the right weapon is at the moment not to important, but it eventually will be.
[6] Attachments And Loadouts:
Many of the weapons in today's first person shooters can be configured to suit your needs and requirements for the task's ahead. As you play and get kills, you will get access to a variety of these attachments for your different weapons. Attachments do different things to your weapon. They increase and/or reduce parts of the weapon's performance, depending on which ever attachment that you have equiped with that weapon, some will work great as they are normally used for this weapon, some will prob' hinder your ability to see clearly when you are scoped (looking threw the scope - aiming - ADS).


Checkout the many different attachments as you earn/gain them. Notice what they are doing to the weapon you are using. Pay particular attention to whether you think you play better or worse with each attachment. Save the attachments that make you better. Scrap those that make you a worse player, but try to revisit them once your game style changes. Attachments that don't work at the start fof a game/map/task, may literally be killer applications for advanced players'. Most, if not all weapons have different ranges, choosing the correct one will make the difference between life or death.


Firing your weapon in controlled short burst will make a major difference on the battlefield, for starter's, the dreaded recoil will be reduced thus your aiming will prob' be more accurate and deadly, keep this in mind when using most weapons, as for machine guns, well, they are normally to supress the on-coming enemies, keeping them at bay while your fellow squad/teams mates can move forward or stop your foes from taking an objective in either Rush or Conquest or if your about to attach an objective.
[Tip: When you unlock a new item for your weapon, check it out to see what benefit it many hold for you, it might give you a possible edge on the battlefield]

Photobucket [Note: There currently '100 Service Stars' for each weapon within the game]
[7] Squad Specializations:

Photobucket Squad Sprint – Makes it possible for you and your squad mates to run longer and faster.
Photobucket Squad Ammo – Ensures that you and your squad mates will be given more ammunition. Applies to both primary and secondary weapons.
Photobucket Squad Flak – Provides better protection against explosions for you and your squad mates.
Photobucket Squad Expl – Increases the amount of explosives that you and your squad mates can carry with you.
Photobucket Squad Supp – Increases the effect of Suppressive Fire, both for you and the rest of your squad.
Photobucket Squad Cover – Reduces the effects of your opponents’ Suppressive Fire for everyone in your squad.
Photobucket Squad Frag – Everyone in the squad gets to carry more grenades, including M67 grenades.


When a squad specialization is equiped ALL squad members will have this ability, these are shared with the squad, if your in a squad communicate with them and try to enable different squad specializations this will benefit everyone, it can in most cases make things easier when playing objective based game modes, but will work on any mode on any map.


[7A] Specializations: You will earn 'Squad' specializations as you level up during game play, this will enable all your squad members to be granted the specialization that you have choosen i.e Squad Frag, all members' off your squad will have an extra frag, squad ammo, each off your squad will be granted extra ammo for the main weapon and side arm, as so on this is extremely usefull in all kits.
At the start off the game you will by default be allocated to a squad, if your not happy for which ever reason you can leave to join another one or start your own squad, you can use the in-game menu to pull yourself out of a squad, their are benefits while in a squad, i.e, you can spawn on a squad mate who is close to the action, instead of spawning in your base (if lone wolf). Communicate with your squad, use your microphone and inform them what’s going on around the battlefield if/when you can, be short and clear about giving info to your fellow squad mates, no long verses in where a enemy is or any trash talk, spotting is a great way of informing your squad/team where enemy soldiers, tanks even aircraft are, if there is a 'kill' you are reward with a 'spot bonus'.




Most of the squad members will stay together. The exception may be Recons, who can operate on their own and can position themselves strategically around the map. From these positions, the Recon can gather intelligence and pass this on to the other members of the squad, while taking down a few enemies. The other members of the squad, however, should follow each other. Attacks or defensive maneuvers are more likely to succeed when two, three or four players work together. So, keep up with the others, but do keep a certain distance so that a grenade, an RPG or a skilled opponent with a machine gun do not take out the whole team at once, that would be 'bad luck'
[8] Maps:
Playing Battlefield 3 online is an experience that we will all have different opionion about, if it be about weapons, loadouts or tactics, we will all play it differently, hopefully learn something as we go about getting killed or win games on many different modes or maps, here are just a few maps that you might want to consider the next time you are doing battle on the battlefield,


Caspian Border:
Chances are if you’re a PC gamer, then you’ve already played this sprawling map to death. It’s quite simply one of the biggest multiplayer maps we’ve ever played in a FPS, or any genre for that matter. It also has jets, which instantly makes it awesome. On Conquest mode, it comes complete with four territorial points to capture. If you’re not very good at piloting Battlefield’s gallery of vehicles, then you will need to learn to get the best out of this map. Walking on foot will take you a while doing so, and you will more than likely be blown to pieces by long-distance tank artillery, snipers or jet bombing runs. It’s a lush map too complete with rolling fields, visibility hampering tree lines and the odd farm or warehouse dotted around to break up the open areas.



When defending on Conquest, we really have to be cautious about the attackers, as the wide open areas meant the opposing team could rush us from any direction. More than ever, teamwork is essential here, as simply hanging back and defending the first few points wasn’t good enough. Using jets to ferry our squad behind enemy lines, we will attempt to kill the other team on their own turf and to disrupt their ranks. In the meantime, the rest of our squad could be held back to defend any points that are already captured.

It’s huge, and it really does feel like you’re fighting a war on two fronts, although Capsian Border definitely underlines the need for 64-player matches on consoles. The maximum lobby size on PS3 is 24 player's, and this left the map feeling a tad barren and desolate, which is unfortunate as it’s a brilliant environment to play in.
Grand Bazaar:
This Middle Eastern market is one of Battlefield 3’s smaller maps, both Rush and Team Deathmatch modes are fast, so you will need to be on your toes most off the time. The tight streets, and surrounding apartment buildings can make it ideal to either hide and fight or just defend an objective. When you think Battlefield, you definitely don’t think of environments like this. Remember, the rule of thumb for Battlefield 3 seems to be objective based modes, and it’s here that Grand Bazaar becomes awesome. Playing in Rush mode, the map becomes a tense, claustrophobic killing area, where you really need to co-ordinate and watch your environment carefully. Every open window's could house a sniper waiting to kill you in an instant, packs of enemies could be around any corner, and there is a real sense of urgency when both teams are contesting an M-COM station.




Our advice here at is to skip team deathmatch and head straight to Rush. Grand Bazaar is interesting in that it’s a small, tight map that is favoured by snipers, thanks to the plethora of high vantage points and apartment buildings dotted around one side of the environment. We also kept on getting a brief flash of red light when being targeted by laser-targeted sniper rifles. This is a neat addition to the mix, as it gives you a brief second to hit the deck or strafe to the side when being targeted by Recon class soldiers, and it balanced long-ranged play perfectly. As a Team Deathmatch map, Grand Bazaar feels weak compared to almost any other map, but in Rush mode it feels like a real step up for the Battlefield series. Just remember to be wary of snipers to avoid being picked off unexpectedly.
Operation Firestorm:
Possibly a contender for best map in the game... but, you might have your own favourite map/mode, Operation Firestorm takes place in the blazing heat of a burning desert oil field, leading up to a petroleum warehouse at the top of a sun bleached hill. Becoming a good pilot will take some practice on this map and any other, so "practice, practice and practice" (for heli's Fire In The Sky co-op is a good place to begin). All three points can be found among the petroleum warehouses, and because both teams get to pilot tanks, jeeps and jets from each spawn point, the centre of the map quickly becomes a hotbed of activity.



You can approach each Conquest point as you see fit. You can roll tanks up the hill and dominate the road running through the complex, or you can climb a ladder up to the factory rooftops and provide sniper support from up high. Operation Firestorm is one of those sweet maps that reward teamwork, and demands a strong mix of classes. The thrill of running between Conquest points as jets duke it out overhead is exhilarating, and delivers a consistent pace throughout each match.
Operation Metro:
If you’ve played the Battlefield 3 beta, then you already know all about Operation Metro. It’s an odd map in that it starts out in a wide park area, which then bottlenecks into the Metro underground before opening up into the Paris streets at the end. Changing up your tactics to suit each new area is vital, especially as you enter the tight, constricted corridors of the Metro itself. On Team Deathmatch mode, this is once again something of a lame duck, in comparison to the other style's of play. But on Rush, it’s excellent. The ranged battles of the park are neat, as players are forced to use low wall and ridges as cover, while inching towards M-COM stations to avoid long-range fire.




However, the lack of vehicles in this area, along with a restricted amount of players makes this area feel a touch underwhelming. The interiors demand intelligent movement however, as you really need to be cautious when navigating around corners and avoid sprinting blindly where possible. Destruction wise, it’s incredibly underwhelming, and is by far one of the least impressive maps within the game.
Tehran Highway:
This is a urban map with two highways that stretch from north to south. There is the occasional overpass, back alley and apartment block thrown in for good measure as well. This is also one of those great Battlefield maps that reward whichever team manages to hold a tank longest, as it can be used to patrol the streets and blast any stray enemies running around. Running on foot, use the backstreets to move forward, as running on the open roads will either get you killed by sniper or blown to smithereens with well aimed tank strikes. As a result, tight exchanges down thin alleys were common.



It’s also a night map, so using thermal scopes and spotting enemies regularly will help pick them out for long ranged kills. It seemed that as soon as you start to capture an M-COM station, all hell will prob' brake out for this will alert the other team, and in seconds, their tank might be upon you. Tehran Highway is a constant cat and mouse game between soldiers on the ground, snipers up high and that bloody tank. Just make sure you either get to the tank first, or use RPG rounds to see it packing as soon as possible. It’s simply another great tactical map.
Noshahr Canals:
Noshahr Canals features a string of dockyards surrounded by stretches of water. Running around the maze of freight containers can be a bit tense, thanks to the threat of sniper shots from cranes above, and the lack of vehicles meant that both sides are sometimes evenly matched. To get to Rush or Conquest objectives quickly, you have basically two choices:


1. You could either take the long way to each point, by navigating the dockyards.
2. Simply swim between points at speed.




The problem with taking to the water is that you’re a sitting duck should anyone spot you. Noshahr Canal is another Battlefield 3 map that has underwhelming destruction, and looks really bland compared to the lush veneer of Caspian Border. It’s not a bad map as such, but it’s far removed from the wide open spaces and grand scale encounters the Battlefield series is known for. Just be careful not to swim around for too long, or you’ll sink like a rock and look really foolish.
Damavand Peak:
Damavand Peak is massive, and while it doesn’t have any jets, the chopper gameplay here is outstanding While playing this map on Rush mode, and while defending, it's just a never ending barrage of action. The map is full of mountainous facilities, sheer drops and tunnels carved through the peak. You can blow holes in the side of facilities, level defensive walls and nose dive choppers into the environment to your advantage.


The first point is stunning, as the defenders must protect the first mountain facility from attackers coming over the ridge. This means plenty of sniper fire and sneak attacks through the thick tree line around the area waiting for enemies to come is tense and exciting. Even better is the second point, as attackers must base jump off the mountain facility or take a chopper, which is less fun and descend down onto the second facility below.




The defenders have to really keep their eyes skyward here, in order to catch any sneaky buggers trying to infiltrate the base undetected. Force the defenders into the bottleneck of a dank tunnel that leads through the rock face. There are plenty of corridors in there, as well as low cover and dump trucks to hide behind. This is also when attackers get a tank too, so the defence really has to be careful no to lose out at the final stretch.
Seine Crossing:



Seine Crossing on both Rush and Team Deathmatch is another small urban maps in terms of scope and design, the spawn points can be camped some times making it difficult to move forward to your objectives. There are also far too many tight streets that make for uninspired exchanges from one end to the other. Again, Rush mode makes things more tactical, as you fight down the Parisian streets, using cars and the occasional freight container as cover do remember your objectives and watch your six. With a lack of vehicles, this feels like a never ending battle. The scope and true warfare feels some what lost on this map.
Here's a few basic tip's when you are in a squad, Stay together. Do not be the lone wolf. The probability of success when attacking or defending is much greater if you bring one or more squad mates with you. Try to avoid attacking an object by yourself. If you’re alone and near a target, try to hide while you wait for help from other members in your squad. If you are the squad leader, the others can also use you as a spawn point also, you can give out 'orders' using the 'spot/comm' funtion on your controller, just point to the objective or enemy then press the black 'back' button (xbox) not ther 'B' button. The latter is a smart move near an object, especially if your opponents have not yet discovered you. Use the mini map to keep track of where your squad/team mates are located at all times, including any near by enemies.


General Game Play Tips #1:
[1] See those two tall towers in the Caspian border map, which are T shaped towers? Yes, those are perfect sniping positions, but remember, there'll almost always be someone there.


[2] Use the Anti-Aircraft Battery. Near your base (caspian border), there's always an anti-aircraft battery which can be pretty useful.


[3] In Terrahn Highway snipers with larger scopes can be seen by the scope glare and the dark background which can be easy targets to sneak up on or just simply shot by other snipers which can also be spotted.




[4] When you are playing conquest, take your helicopter and go to a flag to capture it while in your helicopter. Land, or hover near the flag, it takes skill to land and hover a chopper so you are going to crash and get shot a lot.


[5] You can be the first to get in a chopper as soon as the match starts and go to the nearest flag. This will give you time to capture the flag before someone blasts you out of the sky.


[6] You are going to get shot all the time, but fortunately flares only cost 300-400 points to unlock and each flag gets you 250 points once captured so do the math. Hope it helps because it saved my life at least 10 times already.


[7] When first starting don't get excited just go up then down then try spinning and then try other movements which would get one super familiar with the controls and comfortalbe with other people in your bird.




[8] If you're just starting, here's one tip : Fly high, slow your jet's speed and circle around the map near the boundary. Now that you're flying safe and sound, hold the down button and look around. This is by far the easiest and best method to spot other enemy planes/heli's and then swoop down to finish them.


[9] If you're getting engaged by a SAM, drop everything else and fly high, as high as you can, because SAM's are limited by their maximum and minimum locking distance.


[10] Likewise, if you're getting pounded by an airplane, Try to fly low and near the hills. Alternatively, you can try going straight towards the sun, which tends to confuse your chaser.


[11] Use Heat Seekers to detect targets. Did you see something moving? Might it have just been your imagination? Why take chances? Just change your course direction a bit and try to see if the detector picks up anything and tries to lock.


[12] When just starting one thing to know somewhere in the speeds there is a sweet spot that allows a super tight turn radius and allows one to get out of a chase if done correctly and repeatidly.




Anti Tank:
[13] Whenever firing a Javelin, just before firing, shoot it a bit towards the sky, because if you shoot it straight, chances are that it would hit one or two obstacles in the way. Handy if the tank/jeep/truck is just around the corner behind a crate.


[14] Keep moving if you have an RPG. A lot of people tend to alternate their shooting style. If you shot a tank at say, Point A, and then from point B, DO NOT return to Point A because that's where the tank would be focusing.


[15] One can "mess" with a tank by just simply shooting at it at multiple points which usually confuses the driver and occassionally they get out and the tank can be stollen which would give your team a tactical advantage.



[17] Make use of your support class abilities. For example, if you have captured all the objectives in say, Operation Metro, then pop down an ammo crate next to you, ask a fellow squadmate (recon or assault) to pop down next to you, Lie down at a choke point and use those bipods. If you see something, just shoot. Suppressive fire is for a reason, and so is your buddy next to you.


[18] Throw down those ammo crates. You are not a run-and-gun class and you have to use your abiltiies to support your teammates. Likewise, plant claymores at choke points and tunnels.


[19] Best maps to use the support class are Operation Metro and Grand Bazaar.


[20] Remember, you can place C4 on the front of a jeep and ram them in to tanks, get out of the jeep and blow the C4 which creates a vehicle disable, a vehicle destroy and all kills for the people inside AKA huge xp for new people
General Game Play Tips #2:
[21] If you’re playing as Assault, unlock and use the MASS shotgun. It’s an immensely powerful shotgun that you can equip in place of the grenade launcher, meaning you’ve also got your primary rifle. It kills enemies in one shot and is also quite quiet, making it an ideal weapon for flanking and dispatching large groups of enemies.




[22] If you’re a Recon, unlock and use the MAV. It’s a flying, unarmed drone with an infrared camera. Get to a nice elevation, zoom in (right click PC users') and then spot people as you would on the ground. You’ll get many thousands of points for this, particularly on Rush maps that focus the action into a small area (like the first stage of Damavand Peak). While you’re flying you won’t be able to control your character, so before you begin, hide somewhere. Bonus points for hiding close to the action so you can serve as a spawn point, and even more for hiding in range of a flag to get even more points.




[23] Mobile spawn points are incredibly useful, as they allow the whole team to spawn there. If you place a spawn point outside anyone who spawns there has to parachute down, use this to your advantage to get your team members onto the top of buildings and other otherwise inaccessible areas. Conversely, if you want to surreptitiously spawn your squad behind enemy lines, it’s best to place the spawn point indoors so that you don’t get spotted on the way down.




[24] The engineer’s EOD bot can do a lot more than just repair vehicles. It can also arm M-COMs and attack enemy infantry and vehicles (with the repair tool). Like the MAV, you won’t be able to control your character while using the EOD, so choose a good hiding place beforehand.




[25] Learn to use your class abilities to help your team. If you’re playing as Assault, drop med kits. As Support, drop ammo. As Recon, place mobile spawn points at useful locations. As Engineer, keep your allied vehicles repaired. As well as constantly getting points you’ll be helping the team (and therefore improving your chances of get a 500 point winner’s bonus).



[26] Jets are incredibly fun, but it can be hard to reach the IR Flare unlock so that you can actually stay alive in the skies. To get it, you’ll need to either play on a sparsely popular server or focus your efforts onto scoring points as soon as possible. A good way to do this is to ram into other jets or helicopters or strafe infantry on the ground. To stay alive as long as possible without flares, try staying as high as you can (above 1,000 metres) and survey the action from the air (right click and hold to look around, PC users'). When you see an injured jet or a slow-moving helicopter, swoop down to attack, holding "S" (PC users') to give yourself as much time as possible to score hits, xbox users' follow on screen instructions. With luck, you’ll get at least an assist.




[27] You can adjust your firing mode by pressing "V" (PC users'). For a typical assault rifle, that means switching from fully automatic to a three round burst, then semi automatic. These latter modes are ideal for long range engagements, ensuring you allow the drift to settle between shots and conserve ammo.




[28] If you’d prefer to play as a more aggressive Recon but haven’t unlocked any short range scopes, just take off the default 6x scope and use the iron sights. Then you’ve got a highly accurate and hard hitting battle rifle similar to the M14 EBR, and best of all it’s available from level 1. Then you can get kills with it at close range until you unlock the 4x or 1x scope of your choice.




[29] Infrared scopes are incredibly effective. Typically they’re towards the latter end of unlocks available for each gun, for example with the SV98 sniper rifle the IRNV scope is unlocked at 100 kills. While they are only 1x scopes, they make medium and long range sniping quite easy due to the highlighted players.




[30] Flanking, this is prob' your best approach during battles this gives you the ability to 'look' in towards the battlefield rather than looking 360degress around you, moving from the outside off each map when applicable, take plenty off cover when you are working you way towards an objective, it's sometimes better to take some one with you or follow some one for that extra fire power, work as a squad/team this will get the task done quickly.

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