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PunkBuster fix

There's been alot of problem with PunkBuster and Battlefield 3, sadly :(

But here on we decided to make tutorial how to fix this Punkbuster problem.


And one of those fixes is to update it manually, and there are many tutorials out on the internet how to do this, but in this tutorial here we'll make sure you do 100% right, and want to be 100% sure this manual update works right. So it's a long tutorial on 65 steps, but we will follow you the whole way so you don't make any mistakes :) Enjoy it, it took about 5 hours to make it :O


- Click here to get started.

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At the moment our staff on is very busy with real life stuff.

So no really awesome tutorials has been added, so i just made another quick tutorial.

A "How to add Gravatar/Avatar/Profile-Image on battlelog" Tutorial.

The tutorial is 12 Steps long, but really simple and easy just like all the other tutorials we made.

Hope some of you can use it, enjoy.


- Click here to read it.

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Desktop crash fix

So here at we got another tip how to prevent your game to crash.

This is a pretty simple and very usefull for all your games, it might make your computer run alot better than normally. So check it out if your one of those persons how got problems with "BF3 has stopped responding".


- Click here to read the tutorial.

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Loading Stats... FIX

Just posted a fix for this "Loading Stats" bug on battlelog.

This tutorial information is provided by The1AndOnlyWOLF

It's very userfrindly and easy tutorial so it shouldn't be a problem to fix this.

Check it out:


- Click here

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PS3 & Battlelog

Finally! I made a new short Tutorial how to connect your Playstation Entertainment Network account/ Playstation account with battlelog, sinces alot of people has been asking how to do this.

So just follow this link here below and it will take you to a fast "How to connect your PS3 account with battlelog"


- Click here

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update error?!

Did the lateste BF3 update not proceed, and gave you a error trying to launch the game?

This is really pain in the ass if this happening to you. But then it's good we got some good

technical supporters in the Battlefield community one of them is calling him self The1AndOnlyWOLF 

he made a fast tutorial on the battlelog forums, which i tried to make a more userfriendly

tutorial out of it. So all information credit goes to him.

- Check the tutorial out here. 

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Clan tag?!

I seen alot of people on the offical's battlelog forums asking about how to add a clan tag infront of your nick name. So i made quick tutorial how to add this clan infront of your name, it's just 4 simple and easy steps, hope you guys enjoy it.


Feel free to comment on it or ask for another kind tutorial.

- Read the tutorial here "How to Add a Clan tag"

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Here on we got a new staff member - EmployedTyphoon, he's a very talented guy with alot of good tips and tricks to battlefield 3, he's been working on his on blog for a long time, so got alot of stuff to give, EmployedTyphoon gonna take care of the Gameplay section from now on, give him a warm welcome to the site.


He made alittle introdution:

Hello ladies and gentleman, I am EmployedTyphoon, an experienced Battlefield player giving you tips to better your gameplay.  I have been writing on my blog for a couple months now, focusing on giving you Battlefield 3 information like it is candy. I am brand new to this site, so I am very sorry if I don't reply to messages quickly, or this post magically ends up somewhere it shouldn't. All I ask is for you to be patient while I make a transfer to this site from my blog.  My blog will still be updated regularly, so check it out as well if you so wish! I will be on once a day to give you information I deem fit for your eyes to read, stay tuned!

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Can't login?!

So i been contacted by alot of people via. E-mail that got problems with loging on their battlelog account. One of the many errors those persons gets is that battlelog tells them to"go buy the game" even if they allready bought battlefield 3 and installed on their origin account long time ago, but suddenly it won't let them log on battlelog and keeps telling them to "Go buy the game" (Again?!) One of the persons i talked with actually bought the game 2 times, but got the same error again after some days.


So i made this tutorial how to get your battlelog profile back, sinces alot of people got problems with hijacked accounts and lost data such as this "Go buy the game" bug.


Go read the tutorial here: Click here

Hope this will help some of you guys out.

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Great start


We had a great start here on the launch of battlelog.

Yesteday we had, 100 Unique visitors on - " 30 New users .


This is ofc. only for "" we're talking about.

The main site "" had over thousand of uniqe visitions yesteday.

So we're counting on this will keep growing.



If you are missing any special tutorial, please let us know.

Send Deception a private message, then he'll look into it, we already had some

of the new members on the site here, sending us some request for the new tuts or asking for help.

Feel free to Request or ask if you got any questions.


- Remember to fan us on -

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2 new tools

We added 2 new wonderfull tools by Realmware.


Battlefield 3 border, gives you:

Realmware BF3 Borderless is a simple program which gives you control over the window that Battlefield 3 runs in. The main purpose of this is to run Battlefield 3 in a fullscreen window. This has the advantages of both worlds: you get full use of your screen, and the convenience of easily switching to other programs. You may be familiar with this from games such as Left 4 Dead, which natively supports running in a fullscreen window. This page lists each and every feature of the program.


Battlefield 3 Settings editor, give you:

Realmware BF3 Settings Editor is a very very useful tool which allows you to tweak a great number of Battlefield 3 settings. This lists and every feature of the program can you find on the link below.


Find them here:

- Battlefield 3 Borderless

- Battlefield 3 Settings Editor

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