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Table 'madsmaarup_fusion.fusionb9d1Z_comments' doesn't exist - For sale is now forsale.

Private message Deception a offer if your interested.

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We're doing some updates on the site, so thats why the whole site looks alittle fuckd up.

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Premium doesn't work?

Today, the "Battlefield 3 Premium" has been launched, and there is already alot of people

who bought the Premium package, and there is already problems with it. (Typical EA).


So to clear up some things which EA didn't

Alot of people seems not to understand how to get this BF3 Premium to work, or how it works.

So i made a little "Good to know" Articel, to help you all who bougth this "BF3 Premium".


- Read more.

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New battlelog

Dear members of Battlelog.

Yesterday we launched the version of Battlelog!

We teamed up with the successful BCS-Team which helped over 1000 of people out with Battlefield 3.After launcing a the new version of Battlelog, we've got our hands on Teamspeak 3 server. It's 100% free to use, and you're all welcome to join it. (IP:

Also after a long voting periode on Battlelog, we decided to make a forum and a live chat where we can help you out. If you got any kind problems that out Tutorials or fixes couldn't help with, don't hesitate join today for free and contact us asap, and we will try to work out your problem.


Our crew got many years of gaming, pc and hardware experience so they know what they are doing.


Please signup today on our forum -

And spread the word, we are here to help you when nobody else will!

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Free server!

Would you like to take up the battle with us on Then join our new server on Xbox!

There is a "No Kick" policy, 200% tickets, normal settings, ranked on most popular BF3 and B2K maps, game modes are both, "Conquest and Conquest Assault". So if your interested your all are more than welcome to join in on the battle.


Search after us, under the name... "Planet Conquest".

New server will be added soon.

See you on the Battlefield!

Regards, BL Staff

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360 & Battlelog

So alot and i mean alot of people been latly sending us ( mails and private messages about how do i get on battlelog when i use an Xbox. So i finnaly took some time to type down a tutorial how to do this, so i hope you all will enjoy this and it ofc. will work for you, else your more than welcome to message me about it.


Click here to check the tutorial out "How to connect your Xbox 360 Account with battlelog".


Regards, Deception []

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New Changes

Hello dear users of battlelog.orgThere will be alot of updates and edits here on - because of Electronic Arts aka EA contacted my server host about this site had some copyright content which i didn't have perminisson to use. 

So they asked us to remove all copyright images from the site, i been trying to get in contact with them to make sure everything is removed so the we won't get in trouble but never heard back them so i guess everythine is fine now.


But because of that we're working on some new stuff to the site and it might make the site look alittle weird from time to time. But i'll get fixed - please bear with us. :3


In the main time got a new administrator/staff members to the site (Homie Simpson) which gonna help us out with tutorials, tips and tricks and so on. He allready made one tutorial for the site. It's a long Xbox 360 tutorials but it's pure quality.


Check it out here.

And Welcome Homie Simpsons to the site.

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Apply for staff

Here at we're searching for new staff members, sinces i "Deception" got alot of real life stuff todo at the moment and that sadly means i don't got so much time to type new tutorials or edit the new tutorials "The1AndOnlyWOLF" from BSC is sending me. So that why we're currently looking for new staff memebers to type new tutorials, tips, tricks and more. So if you want to be part of the staff on a fast growing community and got anykind of knowledge with computers, gaming or just battlefield  and you want to share your knowledge with others in the battlefield world and help other people out with issues, then send me a mail or a private message.


- Don't be shy to apply everybody is welcome to do it - i'll message everyone back when im done readed your application.


Contact infomation:


Private Message: Click here

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Ingame Color

First sorry for the inactivity atm, im very busy with real life, but i try to get back to you all on the emails - We got alot of tutorials upcoming, but time is tight at the moment. But made this new tutprial because I seen alot people been asking on youtube how to change your Enemy and Team mates "Name Taget" colors, so i made this easy tutorial "how to" do it. - Its on 8 simple steps.


-  Check it out.

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Nvidia fixes

According to "James Hyde" on bf3blog, a new Nvidia drivers bring's alot of Battlefield 3 fixes.


Nvidia has released a new driver (version 295.73), which brings the usual array of fixes and improvements. Among those is a new Battlefield 3 texture fix, which affects those who run high/ultra settings on video cards with 1GB or less video memory. This often results in artifacts and texture corruption, which the new driver fixes. Nvidia patch details state:


Fixes instances of texture corruption/artifacts in Battlefield 3

when memory constrained (typically 1GB or less graphics cards

running Ultra settings and high resolutions).


You can grab the new drivers from here.

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