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Battlefield 3 Tutorials: Technical support

AMD annoying Lagg, Battlefield 3

Are you running AMD and getting annoying laggs ingame? But your computer should be able to run Battlefield without any troubls? Then click here to read more.

BF3 Crash to desktop Fix!

This fix will only works for 32 Bit users. The tutorial is made out partner BCS, The1AndOnlyWOLF.

In this tutorial we only gonna this the standart software from Windows system's called "RUN".

A simple and easy tutorial.

Bf3 crash, error, stopped working -fix

For those of you who are experiencing the ‘Battlefield 3′ has stopped working error ever since the last patch came out or even in general, here’s the fix, its only one command in the windows cmd

Can't Connect – Port Information

If you got problems with the connection you might wanna hear the Administrator of the internet connections some people have disabled ports for security reasons, which can be smart.

View the list of which ports you shall open for, to connect to battlefield networks.

Desktop Crash Fix 2 to Battlefield 3

Are you one of those persons who's been keep getting crashed in Battlefield 3?

Then this tutorial should help you prevent those desktop crashes and make your Computer run better.

Disconnect from EA

Are you one of those person who got problems with "Disconnect from EA". Then check this quick tutorial out.

Fast fix - Crashes, Lag, Stuttering, Low FPS, Graphics, Origin and Fixes

Those fixes you see in this Tutorial is from "October 25, 2011" typed by the user "" on SegmentNext. Those tips here can fix stuff - "Crashes, Lag, Stuttering, Low FPS, Graphics, Origin and Fixes"

Give Battlefield 3 more powers (Fix lag)

Is your game lagging? Or do just want to give Battlefield 3 more powers to run the game?

Then in this Tutourial might help you. In this tutorial i'll show you how to turn off Windows 7 or Windows Vista's - Visual effects (Such as - slide, fade, smooth effects).

If update doesn't proceed

Are you one of those persons who got problems with the Battlefield 3 updates/patches. Then read this tutorial here, it will show you how to fix this problem. This update/patch fix is discovered by the user The1AndOnlyWOLF.

Loading stats fix

This is a bug many people have or will get sooner or later, unless your good to keep your computer clean.

Take a look at this tutorial, it's very easy and fool proof.

Nvidia driver fix

This is just a download link, but it's posted here because it might fix some people problems sinces Nvidia updated their driver the 25, february 2012.

Origin startup game fix

If you had problem with Origin and you can't startup Battlefield 3. Then read this short and simple tutorial.

Technical support to Battlefield 3

Technical support tutorials and guides will come soon

Update Punkbuster manual

Do you got problems with Punkbuster, then this tutorial might fix your problems.

It's a 65 step long tutorial, where i guide you 100% the whole way thought it so you won't do any mistakes.

[Xbox 360] Corrupted Data

Many folks like myself have restarted their XBOX 360, loaded up there Battlefield 3 game, waited untill the main screen loaded to begin player a few games off multiplayer or even perhaps a few co-op missions with there gaming buddy only to see a little pop-up window appear on the screen saying that it could not load saved file due to it being corrupted, help is at hand, click the link for solution.