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Battlefield 3 Tutorials: Gameplay

Battlefield 3 Game Mode FAQ's

     Alright, so I decided to make a FAQ sheet on the different game modes available to the game.  Each game mode adds to your battlefield experience, but soldiers seem to stick to one or two game modes at a time.  If you are new to this game I suggest you play team deathmatch.  This mode is all about killing other players.  The more you practise this, the easier every other game mode will be! :)


Hello fellow members' here at, thank you for dropping in. Click on the link to acess a complied detailed tutorial on Battlefield 3 single player campaign, if you have any questions or queries always feel free to ask any member off staff we are here to help you in any way that we possibly can too make your battlefield experience as pain free as we can, if your question requires a personal reply, a member off staff will contact you as quickly as we can, okay, lets begin...


Firstly, this tutorial is for Battlefield 3 players' playing the game on the XBOX 360. The tutorial is broken down into the 12 campaign missions this will make it easily accessible for reading.

Co-op Campaign

Have you tried the co-op missions on Battlefield 3 with a fellow gamer or even perhaps a good friend only to struggled in some off the task(s) due too different reason, help is at hand fellow soldier, use the link to access the step-by-step co-op guide for all six missions, we have added some images and video's to assist both off you in your mission objectives.

Intro To Battlefield 3

Welcome to Battlefield 3 everyone. :)  Well, welcome to the battlelog site rather.  But you get the point! You just got the game, you started playing online, you love the graphics, you love the guns, you love the gameplay but you just can't do a damn thing for your team.  This is where I come in.  Beginning with this article!

Multiplayer Gaming Tips and General Information multiplayer guide full off tips, tricks and general information that will hopefully keep you alive long enough to take full advantage off the multiplayer experience that Battlefield 3 has to offer you while playing online with your friends or other keen BF3 grunts. You will find in this quick multiplayer guide some tips, tricks and some information that you might find helpfull or usefull while player online with your gaming buddies.


     There are many distinct characteristics, making Battlefield different then most other first-person-shooters.  The most defining being the destructible environment.  But there are other aspects that are often over looked that all contribute to your experience in the battlefield game.

Squad Basics

Squads are something that are unique to Battlefield and it is a major part in teamwork play.  Squads are what help you get extra points and can lead to a dominating victory on the battlefield.  Always join a squad by pressing the 'start' button and going into the squads option.

Thy_Ganman's Battlefield 3 Tips

Dec 23 2011, the EnterBF3 teamed up with helpful series veteran, Thy_Ganman on Twitter by spreading a daily Battlefield 3 tip. With new players receiving Battlefield 3 for the holidays, they figured it'd be convenient and useful to re-post all of the Battlefield 3 tips again. Whether you've been playing BF3 since release or since yesterday, you'll probably learn something either way!

[XBOX - PS3] Achievements

Hey, fellow Battlefield 3 soldier I know many off you grunts' want too play-out the game as it is meant too be played earning those elusive 100% gaming achievements and more, if that is the case for you, we have it all here at, click on the link for more details and information on how you can get those maximum achievements while you are playing Battlefield 3.