According to statistics from the Us Today

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Valentine’s day, love, during online multiplayer? Not. Online courtship also begins from role-playing games. Among elves, goblins, warriors and priests. History of video conferencing and Galeotti chat.

One of three. According to statistics from the Us Today, one third of wedding couples in 2012 in the US are known online, mainly through Dating sites, chat rooms and special applications.

But there are those who – most often-love will find it on the Internet-games, videos, disguised Orc or soldier. Alternative idea for Valentine’s day 2015.

There’s a history blog. Abroad, there are entire pages dedicated to this topic, such as LFGdating, a Dating portal for MMO Couples players, a blog that collects stories about the passions born in multiplayer.

  • In Italy, this phenomenon is still hot, but just go to forums like MmorpgItalia to immerse yourself in a variety of stories.
  • In most cases, these are the people who ask about how to reconcile the love of virtual worlds with that of a completely constant girlfriend to this issue.
  • „My husband met him here „” But it also says that we regularly play World of Warcraft with his girlfriend, and who, as Princess San, shows that he met a partner for life between sessions of the game and others („my husband met him 8 years ago, playing Diablo II”).

Some reports even date back to 2004

Someone even – in the case of Aro ANO ® – announces at the forum about his marriage with the second and foreman, inviting everyone present at the wedding.

BUT THERE ARE VERY FUNNY. Other stories don’t end as well: on Reddit, a user complains that he’s madly in love with a girl, in order to find out that behind a complicated avatar, a 15-year-old was hiding in the mood for jokes.

Some reports even date back to 2004, indicating that this is not the last phenomenon.

Some reports even date back to 2004Julia’s story, 40 years old, is even more unique: she met her husband playing video conference mode in the most classic „offline” rpg, Dungeon & Dragons games. It all started about three years ago when one of the forum animators who entered started the idea of starting the game. The problem was that someone lived in Milan, someone else in Rome and Julia was in Berlin for work.

As a result, the participants decided to organize remotely using Hangouts.

Two months later, one of the guys in the band, Roberto, went to her place.

AND THE GAME CONTINUES. Two years later, the couple married before the wedding. The game continues even now. „My character is a rogue breed Arina, and he’s the debunkers refuting refutation”, – the woman tells.

Says also that one of the happiest to have their wedding was the master of the underworld: „breathed a sigh of relief: he was afraid that if our story went wrong, the group would be divided»

The only risk is to drag the thing too long

Julia has some tips to give to those who fall in love with an elf or Goblin.

„SOON to MEET”” „meet someone online is no different from meeting him at the bar,” he explains.

„The only risk is to drag the thing too long” Instead we should meet soon. This is the only way to know if it really works”»

  1. For her role-playing multiplayer games privileged area to find her love. „Playing online games, as well as accessing forums or participating in a thematic chat, allows you to start a common area,” he continues.
  2. „There is a way to get to know each other.” „We don’t focus on finding a partner like this happens on Dating sites, but you have time to get to know each other, to understand without effort, or maybe start something.”

The only risk is to drag the thing too long

And how do friends react to the story of the first meeting? Julia over the years, I’ve learned to measure details. „I will explain everything to some, while with others I need to be a little late. Not because he wants to hide something. This is something that many have no idea what I’m saying.” „Silvio, a 30-year-old economist, agrees, instead of telling his story only until he can change his name because he explains,’ there was some friction.’

He also knew his partner through the online game „medieval atmosphere”.

YOU’RE FINISHED SCHOOL. But it is not canonical. „Once you graduate from high school, I was a passionate player and I started friendships with many people, including a girl who lived a few hundred kilometers away,” she says.

„When I moved to town for work, we started Dating.”

8-YEAR-OLD RELATIONSHIP. And it was the beginning of a great love. „Undoubtedly. But not with her: I fell in love with a friend who brought me, ” Silvio reveals»

„We have been together for 8 years and live together. And in Agrani I stopped playing”. Joy and sadness, love. Even online.



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